Vorträge der Riordanklinik über YouTube

Die Riordan-Klinik in den USA

ist eine führende Institution bei der Behandlung von Krebs durch hochdosierte Vitamin C- Infusionen. Dr. Ron Hunninghake ist der leitende Arzt. Seine Vorträge sind leichtverständlich gehalten


Lassen Sie sich informieren:


1. Adult Stem Cells and Cancer

Riordan Clinic IVC and Cancer Symposium 2010 Presenter: Tom Ichim, Ph.D. – Dr. Ichim gave the

attendees an exciting overview of his work with adult cancer stem cells stating that the “war on cancer

failed [because] we were targeting the wrong cell!” He hypothesizes that instead of targeting the

treatment to kill the cancer cell what if we asked the question, “[Since] stem cells heal injured tissue…if

cancer is a ‘non-healing wound’, what if we try to heal it with stem cells?” Dr. Ichim presented exciting

basic science research that supports this premise.


2. The Riordan IVC Protocol

3. Tumors, Their Stroma, and Vitamin C

4. Interaction of IVC with Chemotherapeutic Agents

5. Recent Studies and Experience with IVC Therapy

6. Stemming the Tide of Cancer


7. IPT, IVC and QOL


8. The Emerging Role of IVC in Cancer Care